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Interview with William ‘Bill’ Birnes of UFO Hunters

11 février 2012

Par Maxime | OVNI

William ‘Bill’ Birnes is a well known UFO investigator in the United-States, he was a member of the TV Show UFO Hunters and he is the publisher of the UFO Magazine. His devotion for the field is undoubtable and this is such a pleasure to have the opportunity to ask him some questions about UFOs. Here is the interview:

Max : With all the investigations you have done, is there a UFO case in
particular that you think is the « smoking gun » that prove that the
UFOs are unknown crafts and why do you think this case is different from
the others?

Bill : I think the cases that contain proof of something unknown and are different from the majority of cases are RAF Bentwaters, Delphos Kansas, the Rex Heflin photos, and the RB47 case. In each instance, there are at least four prongs that sustain the veracity of the cases. 1. Multiple credible witnesses, 2. photographic or other verifiable evidence, 3. physical trace evidence that something actually took place, that it wasn’t an hallucination or a dream, and 4. the steps official government agencies or those acting on behalf of or at the possible bequest of government agencies took to discredit both the witnesses and the evidence. In some instances, not only were the witnesses discredited, as well as the evidence, but the witnesses were threatened, treated inhumanely, and forced into silence.

Max : In one of your « Publisher Note » in « UFO Magazine » you mentionned
the « Echelon » platform, and you said that you heard of it during the
shooting of « UFO Hunters ». After some research I understood that
this is secret facilities that could intercept all sorts of
information from anyone, what did you learn about « Echelon »?

Bill : We actually saw a platform hanging over the skies of Las Vegas and caught it on video. When we communicated via cell phones or texted that we had found it, the platform shut down its lights and lowered itself out of our view. We were later told that it was Echelon by someone who had worked in the National Security Agency.

Max : In some episodes of « UFO Hunters », you investigated on secret
underground and underwater bases, despite no one found any tangible
proof that bases like this exists, do you think that these bases can
exists and what purpose can they have?

Bill : In the underground bases episode we actually visited an underground base just outside of Washington, DC. It was a facility meant to house Congress during a nuclear attack. We learned that this base was constructed underneath an upscale hotel while the hotel was being operated. No one knew the base was under construction or even existed until decades later when a Washington Post reporter broke the story.

Max : We already heard of UFO cases where the UFOs are followed or escorted
by black helicopters, and for sure there are also the denials of the
US Army on some UFO cases that they should have had known. Do you
think that the US Army is implicated in several UFO cases? And do you
believe in « Reverse Ingeneering » of UFO crafts ?

Bill : I think that reverse engineering is a fact, and if we can take Bob Lazar at his word we might also believe that the government has reversed engineered flying saucers. If the government and the military are actively involved with UFOs, it would stand to reason that military planes and helicopters would surveil them just like the UFOs surveil us. I think both sides watch each other very carefully, but maintain a hands off attitude when it comes to interference, except when the UFOs want to demonstrate that they can interfere with our own missile systems or other weapons.

Max : Do you think that the US Government already had a contact with

Bill : It’s possible, especially if you believe the story of President Eisenhower’s meeting with extraterrestrials or the content of the MKJ-12 documents.

Max : Despite all the problems that have known the field of abductions, it
remains that abductions should have more attention, but in your
opinion, do you think that the phenomenon is real and if this is the
case, what is the reasons why there are abductions?

Bill : I think that the Betty and Barney Hill case is strong evidence that abductions are real. I think that is the best case and one of the few abduction cases that have resulted in any physical trace evidence as well as other forms of extrinsic corroboration.

Max : Your appearances in « Ancient Aliens » are very interesting, with all
your knowledge about the subject of possible interactions of aliens in
our past, do you think that Man has been « created »?

Bill : The Bible makes it explicitly clear that human beings are a creation. The only question is, by whom. I think it’s a matter of belief, but there’s no question that the Bible says very specifically that human beings were created by an otherworldly entity.

Max : Since there are a lot of phenomena surrounding UFOs like MIB, the
« Mothman » or poltergeists, do you think that there are a connection
between various paranormal phenomena in some cases ?

Bill : UFOs themselves are paranormal. If there is some kind of gateway or portal between dimensions or different realities, then the nature of what’s on the other side of that gateway may explain a whole host of paranormal events.

Max : This is a really open question, but what is your theory about the
origin of UFOs ?

Bill : I think that is a completely open question until we know more or until we’re told more. The Betty and Barney Hill case revealed that the ETs themselves said they came from a planet in the Zeta Reticuli twin star system. We are discovering planets in the habitable zone of distant stars, so called « exoplanets » all the time. I think that at some point, we will make the discovery of an exoplanet in a habitable zone that not only has the right chemical and atmospheric make up to support life, but that we will discover the actual chemical signatures of civilized activity on that planet.

3 commentaires sur Interview with William ‘Bill’ Birnes of UFO Hunters

  1. mr.james croskey

    26 mars 2013

    11 h 04 min

    mr. bill birnes. i:am one of your faller.. but why do you all show the same old show.s over and over agin./why cant you find new one and get a story.i:am looking at a show that. is the 30 time.s i have seen it.. so mr.bill. hear i:am at the age of 72 year,s young,. so dont you think it is about time to do something.. befor you and i get to old.?. your friend . mr james , croskey.

  2. Chris Hegeman

    29 novembre 2013

    11 h 48 min

    Bill Birnes, I challenge you and your team to my proof of ufos and extraterrestrials. I am located in Madisonville, La.

    1. Maxime

      29 novembre 2013

      20 h 47 min

      I never said that ETs exists. UFOs are real, police, military people and airplane pilots have seen UFOs.

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